Impact of Interannual Variability on the Onset of Summer Monsoon over the Indonesia-Northern Australia Region#

Team “Fortepiano”

Zhixian Yang, Selyn Rousse Acuña, Tejawini M. Pawase, René Navarro Labastida, Rosmery Lidez Condori, Naomi Nafisa Rahman

Mentor: Gizachew Kassa Agegn

El Nino-Southern Oscillation and Indian Ocean Dipole are two modes of interannual variability that dominate the climate over regions across the tropics and subtropics through atmospheric and oceanic processes. Over the past decades, how these interannual variabilities are linked with precipitation patterns over the Maritime Continent and Northern Australia has been studied, and many insightful hypotheses and useful prediction models have been proposed. In this study, we particularly focus on the teleconnection patterns from interannual variabilities to the onset of summer monsoon over the vast Indonesia-Northern Australia monsoon region during different periods. The analysis suggests that the ENSO phase has a strong positive correlation with the onset of summer monsoon over the Indonesia-Northern Australia region, while the IOD phase has a positive and negative correlation with Indonesia and Northern Australia, respectively. Furthermore, the analysis in different periods argues that the IOD’s teleconnection patterns have significantly changed in recent years.

The full micropublication will be shared here at the end of March 2024.