Program structure#

The Climatematch Impact Scholars program runs between October 2023 and January 2024.

What is involved#

  • 💻Computing resources. Thanks to our partnership with 2i2c, selected groups will be provided with continued access to the Climatematch JupyterHub until the end of the program with a possibility of further extension if the scholars and their mentor are interested in working towards a peer-reviewed publication.

  • 📝 Citable micropublication. At the end of the program, the scholars will write up their results in a micropublication that will be publicized on the program website and assigned a DOI. The scholars will also be offered a chance to share their work in their native language to increase its impact in their community.

  • 🗣️ Seminar presentation. Also at the end of the program, the scholars will give a 20-minute virtual seminar that will be advertised on Climatematch social media and recorded for subsequent sharing on the course website.

  • 🦉 Mentorship. We endeavour to match every team to a suitable mentor who connects with the scholars synchronously or asynchronously at least once a month and provides feedback on their research outputs.

  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Community support. There will be regular check-ins from the program organisers on the #cisp-community forum channel on the Climatematch’s Discord Community Server for participants to share both successes and struggles.

We are actively working to provide participants with further professional and academic opportunities and additionally encourage them to take part in Climatematch seminars, journal club meetings, and professional development survey series. These are not strictly part of the program, but are aligned with the scholars’ project topics and career aspirations.

Program tentative timeline#

2 August 2023 Applications open
8 September 2023 Application deadline
3 October 2023 Application decisions
9 October 2023 Impact Scholars Entrance Survey deadline
16-17 October 2023 Welcome Event for scholars and mentors
October - December 2023 Regular check-ins on Discord and mentor meetings
18-20 December 2024 Workshop on micropublications
12 January 2024 Micropublication submission deadline
February 2024 Feedback on micropublications
26-27 March 2024 Seminar presentations
7 April 2024 Revised micropublication submission deadline
April-May 2024 Micropublication release