Presentation guidelines#

Session format#

Each seminar session will feature 3-4 teams of Impact Scholars.

Every team will deliver a 10-minute talk followed by a moderated Q&A.

The last 30 minutes of each session will be dedicated to networking between the scholars and scientists from our collaborating organizations, CMIP and LEAP.

The presentation part of each session will be open to the public and recorded. Recordings will be made available on the Climatematch Academy Youtube channel and the program website soon after the events.

Specific presentation requirements#

  • Talks should be 10 minutes long and accompanied by slides (check out “Ten simple rules for effective presentation slides”)

  • Groups should mention the data they used in their projects and include a slide about their experience working with the data (what did you find helpful? what did you struggle with?)

  • Groups using CMIP data should add the CMIP logo to their presentations (you can get a high resolution logo here)

  • All team members and the mentor should be acknowledged by name in the presentation slide deck. We additionally encourage the groups to include a team photo on the first or the last slide provided that everyone feels comfortable with it.

We leave it up to the scholars to allocate the speaking responsibilities among themselves. While everyone who wishes to present part of the talk should be given a chance to do so, it is allowed for one scholar to speak on behalf of the team.

Registering for the seminars#

The seminar schedule has been optimized based on the timeslot preferences scholars provided in the Entry Survey, so we expect the majority of scholars to attend their team’s session regardless of whether they are speaking in the presentation.

We highly encourage scholars to attend the seminar sessions of other teams as well. It will be a great opportunity to learn about your peers’ research and ask questions.

Scholars must sign up for every seminar they intend to attend, including the session assigned to their own team, by filling out the respective registration forms here. The scholars who sign up for the seminar session their team is presenting at are automatically registered for the networking session with researchers from CMIP and LEAP that will take place immediately after the presentations.

Note that it was not always possible to accommodate the timeslot preferences of everyone in a team. If your group’s session falls during your night-time, we can sign you up for the networking part of another session as long as there is a time that works for you. Let us know by tagging @CISP organizers on Discord or email

Resources: how to give a short research talk?#