Understanding historical and future impacts of El Niño on climate and food production in Colombia and Indonesia#

Team “Protoceratops_Jitterbug_Vivace”

Elisa Nóbrega Passos, Lakhvinder Kaur, Ninibeth Gibelli Sarmiento Herrera

Mentor: Muhammed Muhshif Karadan


Fig. 4 Team “Protoceratops_Jitterbug_Vivace” and their mentor during a meeting#

In Colombia’s fields, small farms take flight,
El Niño and La Niña, nature’s delicate might.
Coffee’s dance with warmth, a surprising song,
La Niña’s rain, in rhythm, along.

Figures whisper, correlations unfold,
ONI and SPI, a story told.
In the CESM’s gaze, the future unfurls,
A climatic waltz, in changing swirls.

El Niño, once foe, now a coffee’s friend,
La Niña’s embrace, droughts amend.
Yet, in recent years, a shift in the air,
El Niño’s rise, a tale to bear.

In this agro-poetic refrain, lessons unfurl,
A dance with nature, a resilient swirl.

The full micropublication will be shared here at the end of March 2024.