Observing ECCO Model vs Tidal Gauges around Hurricane Maria#

Team “Rajasaurus Baris”

Franck Porteous, Hannah Krohn, Faith Hunja

Mentor: Fabrizio Falasca

In the tempest of climate’s exchange,
Hurricane surges pose challenges, strange.
As the storms dance with glee,
Rising tides taunt the sea,
Measuring their might, in flux, a range.

For sea heights, a system profound,
Needs remote and in-situ, all around.
With observations remote,
And in-situ, afloat,
Accurate measures in waves are found.

From the ocean, where measurements align,
UHSLC and ECCO, both shine.
With gauges on the coast,
And satellites boast,
Accurate heights, in data they twine.

In Fall’s embrace, Maria did soar,
A hurricane mighty, waves did implore.
With waves quite so high,
Above the mean sea, oh my,
NWS sought truth on the shore.

Accurate info, they plead and demand,
For Maria’s surge, like a forceful hand.
2.35 to 5.44 meters it rose,
A tale that Puerto Rico knows,
In storm surge data, their safety is planned.

In Isabel Segunda, waves gauge with pride,
Tidal dance in Esperanza’s tide.
Arecibo stands tall,
Mayaguez hears the call,
Fajardo’s gauge, where sea levels bide.

Years ‘92 to ‘17, ECCO’s seas,
Surface heights dancing with gentle ease.
Rolling means in the tide gauge,
Pearson correlation, a data stage,
In the waves of comparison, both aim to please.

Round ECCO grid cells, a tale to unfold,
Transformed into an array, so bold.
With plots to compare,
In data’s vibrant lair,
A visual dance, a story to be told.

In the dance of tide gauges, so fine,
Selecting a spot, a perfect align.
ECCO grid cells embrace,
Daily averages in grace,
Acceptable errors, in data they twine.

Pearson correlation, a link so bright,
ECCO and tidal gauges unite.
In climate’s crystal ball,
And hurricane’s squall,
Prediction’s key for the future’s insight.

The full micropublication will be shared here at the end of March 2024.