Impact Scholar projects 2023#

We are thrilled to introduce 11 teams of 56 Impact Scholars representing 25 countries as part of our 2023 cohort!

Their ambitious projects focus on pressing climate issues on local and global scales, as well as their societal impact. Learn more about their projects below!


Fig. 1 A representation of the scholar projects’ geographical regions of focus. The two projects marked by an asterisk (*) investigate phenomena on a global scale#

1. Observing ECCO Model vs Tidal Gauges around Hurricane Maria
Franck Porteous, Hannah Krohn, Faith Hunja
2. Assessing Spatio-Temporal Precipitation Variability and Extreme Events in India
Stefy Thomas, Khushi Dani, Sattiki Ganguly, Pandurang Choudhari
3. Influence of ENSO on the coastal upwelling along Northwest Africa
Sthitapragya Ray, Elizaveta Baranova-Parfenova, Andrea A. Cabrera, Diana Marcela Guzmán Lugo, Daria Proklova
4. Assessment of fire events in Argentinian Andean-Patagonian Forests between 2002-2020
Franco Barrionuevo, Raphael Rocha, Cristian Farfan, Ricardo Rengifo, Luciana Rojas
5. Oceanic oscillations and Congo River Basin climatology
James Hartzell, Magda Altman, Rajiv Srivastava, Pratik Bhandari, Jeffrey N.A. Ayree, Lorenzo Pierini, Masoumeh Bahri
6. Preliminary observations on the AVHRR-VIIRS v5 daily NDVI data for the assessment of vegetation-climate dynamics in the Jubba-Shabelle watershed of East Africa
Jesús Pozo, Andrea Miranda, Sergei Nabatov, Alethia Kielbasa, Abdus Samad, Benedetta Francesconi
7. Impact of Interannual Variability on the Onset of Summer Monsoon over the Indonesia-Northern Australia Region
Zhixian Yang, Selyn Rousse Acuña, Tejawini M. Pawase, René Navarro Labastida, Rosmery Lidez Condori, Naomi Nafisa Rahman
8. Impacts of ENSO on climate variables in the Pacific region
Anjana Shree RJ, Kimia Marvi, Kirtana Sunil Phatnani, Neil Marc Sordilla, Eligio Maure, Danny McCulloch
9. Understanding historical and future impacts of El Niño on climate and food production in Colombia and Indonesia
Elisa Nóbrega Passos, Lakhvinder Kaur, Ninibeth Gibelli Sarmiento Herrera
10. Understanding Land Cover Change in a Tropical Region due to Rapid Agricultural Increase: Interactions with Environmental and Socioeconomic Factors
Sofia Corradi Oliveira, Andrés Fernando Figueroa Curo, Magnolia Song, Manojna Polisetty, Daniela Velásquez, Maryann Alessandra Alata Chambilla
11. Wildfires in Angola: Correlation of vegetation and meteorological variables with wildfire intensity
Agnessa Karapetian, Kamil Vlcek, Carolina Temporão, Hatice Busragokbunar, Sedem Buabassah